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Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems

We supply and install sprinkler systems for domestic and residential customers  throughout Dorset, Devon, Hampshire and Wiltshire. The sprinkler system  installations we complete conform to document B, as well as British Standard  BS9251:2005.

Although lots of commercial premises are home to sprinkler systems, few  residential properties take advantage of these advanced, potentially life-saving  systems.  To offer the most effective domestic sprinkler systems that comply with all  necessary regulations, we’ll install the following:

A sprinkler head in all spaces in your property (a couple of exceptions to  apply, small wet rooms and storage cupboards, for example)
A water supply system to service the sprinkler heads throughout your property
An alarm that sounds when the sprinklers are activated
In addition to designed and installing domestic sprinkler systems, we also  provide on-going maintenance and support, as well as certification.

How does a Domestic Fire Sprinkler System work?

We’ll install a domestic sprinkler system for you, if a fire occurs in your property,  the head of the nearest sprinkler will be activated – causing a release of water  over the fire. Domestic sprinklers output around 49 litres of water per minute,  which is significantly less than the volume of water a typical fire hose outputs. Sprinklers are associated with water damage, but in the event of a fire, a  domestic sprinkler is an affordable, practical solution that might just save your life.

In the past there has been a common misconception that a fire triggers all  sprinkler heads – this is simply not true. The notion that all sprinklers are ugly  and unsightly is also a myth – recent advances in sprinkler technology mean that  sprinkler heads are now much more discreet. Sprinklers now come in a range of  shapes, sizes and colours for you to choose from. You can even choose where the  sprinklers are placed – in walls, or the ceiling!

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We offer a no-obligation quotation service to potential customers. If you’re keen  to find out more about the residential fire sprinkler systems we supply and  install, please contact us now by telephone or email. We’ll be glad to attend your  property and provide you with a quotation.

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