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Fire Sprinkler System Information & Videos


If you’re still caught in two minds about having a domestic fire sprinkler installed in your property, be sure to watch the two videos below.

These videos show a comparison between properties fitted with sprinklers, versus properties without sprinklers. The difference between the two after the fire is extinguished is quite remarkable – it’s no surprise that demand for fire sprinklers is increasing fast.

Fire Sprinklers Video from the London Fire Brigade

Domestic sprinkler system fire test

In this video, you can see just how discreet fire sprinkler systems are. They’re not as intrusive as people would have you believe, and such a small fitting can have huge advantages. Again, this video demonstrates how sprinklers are great at putting out smaller, more central fires – while containing bigger fires in harder-to-reach parts of the room.

Compared to a smoke alarm, sprinklers are extremely effective. They don’t just warn you there’s a problem; they proactively fight the fire while the fire brigade is en-route to your property. The video once again shows the damage caused in a property with sprinklers versus a property without sprinklers. In the house with sprinklers installed, there’s very little damage – the house would be habitable again very soon. In the house without sprinklers however, the room is completely charred and gutted.

Between these two videos you can see a strong case emerging for the installation of fire sprinkler systems in residential properties. It has already become the law in Wales for new build properties – it won’t be long before the rest of the UK follows suit.

At Fire Sprinklers Dorset we install domestic sprinkler systems that adhere to all relevant legislation. Our systems are installed to the highest of standards and fully tested prior to certification.

For more information about the sprinkler systems we supply and install, please contact our office – we will be glad to assist you.

Freedom® Residential Flat Concealed Sidewall Sprinkler (VK480) Installation Animation

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