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Fire Sprinklers Save Lives

Protect your home and family by installing a cost effective fire sprinkler system from Dorset Fire Sprinkler Systems. Our team will design and install a system that complies with Building Regulations and BS 9251, giving you peace of mind now and in the future.

A typical two bedroom bungalow from £1,100.00

Domestic Sprinkler Systems

We supply and install domestic sprinkler systems throughout Dorset, Devon, Hampshire and Wiltshire. The sprinkler system installations we complete conform to document B, as well as British Standard BS9251:2005.


Residential Sprinkler Systems

We supply and install residential sprinkler systemsthroughout Dorset, Devon, Hampshire and Wiltshire. Our sprinklers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours so suit your individual decor.


Sprinkler Systems Information

If you’re still caught in two minds about having a domestic fire sprinkler installed in your property, be sure to watch the two videos on our information page – there will be little doubt after watching them !


Domestic and Residential Sprinkler Systems Dorset

Fire Sprinklers Dorset specialise in the supply and installation of domestic and residential fire sprinkler systems. We cover a large area around the south of the UK, including Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset and Devon. We have got lots of experience when it comes to installing high quality sprinkler systems for our clients. We also offer an on-going fire sprinkler maintenance service.

Why Use A Domestic Fire Sprinkler?

Domestic fire sprinklers help to make your home or property a safer place. Residential sprinklers are proven to save lives and minimise the damage caused by fires. Sprinklers act to extinguish and contain fire within domestic and residential properties, preventing the fast spread of a fire in a relatively short time period. Sprinklers buy time for occupants while the fire brigade is en-route. There are lots of myths and misconceptions concerning fire sprinklers. The first myth is that they’re extortionately expensive – that’s just not the case. The second myth is that the entire sprinkler system will start releasing water in the event of a fire. Again, that’s simply not true – only the sprinkler(s) immediately in the vicinity of a fire will trigger.


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